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  • Comfort Sleeper by American Leather is a New and Improved Sofa Sleeper

    Posted on by Brandi Macouzet

    What comes to mind when someone mentions a sofa sleeper? Do you think back to previous decades and imagine a big, bulky sofa of indeterminate style and a lumpy mattress that no one ever wanted to sleep on? If that’s your idea of a sofa sleeper, it’s time to introduce you to the Comfort Sleeper by American Leather. Here’s what makes it arguably the best sofa sleeper on the market today.

    Size Matters

    These days, you are not limited in size when it comes to selecting a sofa sleeper for your home. Whereas they used to be bulky and heavy, a Comfort Sleeper is now available in a wide variety of sizes and configurations. Pick from a regular sofa or a sectional with the pieces you want and need. For a smaller sofa sleeper to fit into a tight space, opt for a mattress in Twin, Cot or Double Cot size. The patented sleep system from American Leather means that your sofa sleeper takes up less space when the mattress is pulled out. If you have plenty of room for a sofa sleeper in your living room or den, then you may want to opt for a larger (King, Queen or Queen Plus) mattress, which is often more comfortable for larger guests.

    Style in Spades

    Not too long ago, sofa sleepers were only available in a bland, transitional style without any type of designer details. When it comes to a Comfort Sleeper by American Leather, however, there are 15 gorgeous styles from which to choose. Depending on your preference, select from contemporary sofas with clean lines or a more traditional style with rolled arms and nail head trim. Some Comfort Sleepers feature high legs, which keep the mattress off the floor. Another option is to pick from fabric or leather upholstery; either choice is available in plenty of designer colors. When it comes to style, American Leather delivers plenty of gorgeous choices.

    Comfort is King

    Back in the day, if you had a sofa sleeper, the mattress probably had an old spring support system. Of course, the term “support” is used loosely here. Those mattresses were uncomfortable, unsupportive and usually covered in dust bunnies. Who wanted to sleep on that?

    Luckily, today there is the Comfort Sleeper by American Leather, with its patented Tiffany 24/7 platform system. The platform is covered by five inches of high-density foam. Choose from one of three options for a premium mattress: Premier (four or five inches), Gel or the famous Tempur-Pedic®. There are no bars, springs or sagging allowed in these supportive mattresses that you could comfortably sleep on every night of the week.

    Get to Know Today’s Sofa Sleepers

    We invite you to learn more about what we consider the best sofa sleeper on the market today: Comfort Sleeper by American Leather. Call or stop by so we can show you all the possibilities for a modern, comfortable, stylish sofa sleeper in your home.

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