Posted on by Brandi Macouzet

Himolla - a German company with over 65 years of experience , specializing in the production of reclining chairs and sofas ,has recently chosen the setting of the United States furniture companies to present to the press of American industry and designers.

This is a unique opportunity to find out in detail the history , philosophy and the products of the company that has chosen some of the most representative models to communicate the concept that distinguishes it, the " customized comfort ".

Himolla specializes in high quality padded production.
At Furniture Divano we have exposed models chosen for the occasion : a set of sessions that can communicate the strengths and the distinctive features that distinguish the Himolla production.

Himolla's characteristics : the extreme personalization , the inherent capabilities to each model and especially the guarantee of a " customized comfort " , cut on the individual needs of the person .

Being able to meet the individual needs of well-being with products freely configurable - allowing you to choose between different sizes , hardnesses of padding , coatings , foundations and relaxation systems manual or motorized - is, in fact , the cornerstone upon which the philosophy of brand.




A setting that puts the focus of the person and his needs in terms of rest and entertainment , not forgetting the importance of an attractive design , fresh and always new . That's how come armchairs and sofas that , thanks to the ability to try some real experiences of well-being , they want to offer its Italian customers new opportunities to live the pleasant living area.


Here, at Furniture Divano, guests can touch the models of a special selection designed for the American market , relying on the availability of staff in illustrating in detail the product.